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Friday, September 30, 2011

Eight months rocking out around Mexico

Hi there folks!
 My name is Mark Skey. I am a guitarist(among other things) that just returned from one HELL of an adventure touring and playing Rock & Roll and Blues with the band Crimino. The band is comprised of Americans that have decided to make Mexico their permanent home and I was was very honored when I was offered the guitar slot by my old friend,CJ Danson ,the drummer. I obviously did NOT reside in Mexico when this whole adventure began and it's a long, wild and pretty interesting story as to how it all came about. In the following series of blogs I plan on telling the whole tale, from the very first email inquiring about 'musicians needed' to the actual trip....I DROVE from Central Florida all the way to Chapala(State of Jalisco) in Mexico. I will detail how it all came together, from intensive rehearsals to great shows all around that beautiful country. My 'Mexican' experience  changed me in a lot of ways. It certainly gave me a new and profound respect for the people,surreal scenery and culture of the great nation of Mexico and I hope that in the context of my 'rock & roll' adventure there I can perhaps change folks view or at the very least 'educate' people a little on a place that is very misunderstood right now due to extremely 'if it bleeds it leads!' U.S. media coverage. I am not attempting to ignore or deny the very real issues Mexico now has, but I feel that there is SO much more to be discussed concerning a country so close to us and with such a rich heritage and culture.
So folks, I hope you'll tune in from time to time and catch up on my journey. At first I had some serious reservations about sharing this tale, as I felt it may come off as self servicing. I discussed it with several friends and associates and with many laughs and some genuine disbelief(although it's all true!!!) they assured me it might make for a fun read and might even change an attitude or two towards 'scary' Mexico. 
 So like I said.....
       Stay tuned!


  1. Awesome! You guys ROOOCK! Looking forward to reading about both your adventures and your insights. <3

  2. when are you coming back to Mexico? We miss you!

  3. Perked my curiosity. Waiting to hear more. Write on!