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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guitar Adventures! How it all began.

 In late 2010 I received an email from an old friend , CJ Danson(drummer extrordinaire!). "Do you know any guitarists available to commit to a working band here in jobbers!"
 I had know Chris for years having met him back in Chicago where we both played in  bands and had kept in 'loose' touch over the years so I was aware that he was living and playing music in Mexico with the band CRIMINO. I had seen a video of them and heard a few of there tunes and I was impressed.
I was informed that Bryan James, their original guitarist had moved on to form his own group and they need a replacement.
 At the time I was playing several nights a week hosting 'Jam' nights and as a backup/rhythm guitarist in The Mitch Clark Band, but I was also holding down a full time day job. I think Chris sent me the original email 'fishing' for someone but not expecting my response. I stared at his message for a minute and responded...'how 'bout me?'
 Five minutes later  my phone rang and CJ and I were discussing what they had going on down in Mexico. They had just released an album and really wanted to keep up the momentum they had built up to that point. There were no guarantees or promises, no delusions of grandeur, just the straight opportunity to head down there and see what we could all do together. They had the material, the equipment and the transportation(that's a whole other story) to book and play gigs all over and I would have free lodging as long as I was there.
 If I was to say I wasn't a little apprehensive I'd be lying! I'd have to quite my job, give up all my current steady gigs...not to mention SCARY Mexico!!!!!
This was the first of dozens of calls CJ and I had over the next month or two. I began to really get excited by the prospect and somehow couldn't get it out of my mind. I just kept thinking about 'regret'. If I didn't go do this I'd go to my grave wondering 'what if?'
 Our conversations continued and at about the middle of January 2011 I wrapped up all my loose ends (quit job,quit gigs) in Florida. I packed up my little silver Hyundai hatchback with 4 guitars, two amps and all the accouterments that go with them as well as much clothing as would fit and in early February 2011 I hit the road!
  The trip was quite interesting......... 

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